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GSA Information

GSA Ordering Information

Purchase orders, credit card orders, telephone, and pay-by-check orders are all accepted. Government commercial credit cards, as well as Visa, MasterCard, and American Express will be accepted.


GSA Pricing displayed is in our GSA Schedule Price List. All other items are considered as “Incidental” or “Open Market” pricing. Please contact our office via telephone 818-854-0213 or email to secure contract approved product pricing.

MIS Sciences GSA Information


Socio-Economic Indicators for MIS Sciences Corporation:    S    Small Business - WOSB

GSA Corporate and Ordering Information:

Company Name:                  MIS Sciences Corporation
Corporate Address:              2550 N Hollywood Way, Suite 404
                                             Burbank, CA 91505-5046
Phone:                                  818-847-0213
Fax:                                      818-847-0214
Contact:                                Jeff Willis – GSA Sales –
GSA Number:                       47QTCA22D0081  Expires May 4, 2027

Unique Entity ID:                  XGTZMLVEG7R9
Schedule:                             70 – Information Technology Professional Services and General Purpose Commercial Information Technology                                                    Equipment, Software & Services
SIN:                                      518210C Cloud and Cloud-Related IT Professional Services (including FedRAMP)
                                             54151ECOM Electronic Commerce and Subscription Services
                                             54151S Information Technology Professional Services
                                             OLM – Order Level Materials
Cage Code:                          07LS1
NAICS Code                         518210, 541511, 541512, 541519, 541511, 561421, 519190, 541690
D&B Number                        94-7720520
Tax ID Number:                    95-4590941



FPDS Code D304                Value Added Network Services (VANs)
FPDS Code D304                E-Mail Services
FDPS Code D304                Electronic Alert and Messaging systems
FDPS Code D304                SMS Services (one-way and two-way)
FPDS Code D304                Internet Access Services
FPDS Code D305                IT and Telecom- Teleprocessing, Timeshare, and Cloud Computing Includes Software As A Service, 

                                            Infrastructure As A Service
FPDS Code D310                IT and Telecom- Cyber Security and Data Backup. Includes: Information Assurance, Virus Detection, Network

                                            Management, Situational Awareness, and Incident Response, Secure Web Hosting, Backup and Security

FPDS Code D318                IT and Telecom- Integrated Hardware/Software/Services Solutions, Predominantly Services. Includes:

                                            Contracts Buying Hardware, Software, and Related Services, Where Services Are the Predominant Portion of

                                            the Contract Value
FPDS Code D321               IT and Telecom – Help Desk
FPDS Code D399               Other Data Transmission Services, Not Elsewhere Classified – Except Voice and Pager Services



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