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GovPoint IaaS/PaaS Cloud Services Overview

Advantages of GovPoint Cloud Services


MIS Sciences Corporation has a JAB P-ATO moderate authorization for its FedRAMP GovPoint Cloud Services (IaaS/PaaS). A JAB P-ATO ensures that MIS Sciences maintains the highest level of FedRAMP compliance for its GovPoint Cloud offering. The JAB Authorization is a concurrency by DoD, DHS, and GSA.

Compute is up to 40% less than AWS and Azure

The same FedRAMP compute with a JAB P-ATO for up to 40% less than AWS and Azure. With either a subscription or pay-as-you-go model, you will save money and make more money with fewer headaches. Everything is included with no extra charges for access, I/O, VPN, support, etc.


VMware hypervisors

GovPoint Cloud Services is based on VMware, which allows for the smooth migration of workloads and reduces system management complexity. All VMware management functions are available from the client management console.

Everything is included

Fixed pricing – Everything is included — no billing surprises. Your fixed monthly cost is what you pay. There are no extras for I/O, PUTS/GETS, VPN, IPs, bandwidth, or support. With other CSPs, these hidden extras can increase your monthly bill by 15-40%. With GovPoint, you never pay extra.

Contract-friendly pricing

Contracting officers dislike doing contract mods because the funds are depleted. With fixed pricing, this is avoided; the contract amount is what you pay. There are no analyzing monthly usage reports to track remaining funds, no mid-year contract mods, and nothing to worry about. You know your costs, and they never change.

Bring Your Own Equipment

Do you or your customer require specialized hardware, equipment, or appliances within the FedRAMP boundary? We can support your needs by hosting dedicated equipment within the FedRAMP boundary and help you with compliance.


Custom Images and Configurations

Do you require a custom configuration or image? We can help by creating a FedRAMP-compliant custom image/template that can be deployed across all your instances. Custom compute instances can be created with the click of a mouse, and you are not tied to a pre-configured configuration.

10 Gig/100 Gig redundant networks

Never pay extra for a 10 Gig network, which is included in all compute instances. Storage is 100 Gig connectivity.

Support Is Included

Standard 24x7x365 support is included with all services at no extra cost. Never pay extra for what should be standard. Other CSPs charge up to 10% of the total service cost for support; we include it at no additional cost as part of the 'Everything Included' pricing.

Control Inheritance

Do you have a SaaS or PaaS application that requires FedRAMP authorization? Is your application FedRAMP ready, or do you need to be in a FedRAMP environment? We can help. All our NIST controls are fully inheritable, accelerating your authorization and reducing costs.

GovPoint FedRAMP Cloud Services Offerings

GovPoint offers Infrastructure as a Service, Platform as a Service, Storage as a Service, custom and private clouds, and 'bring your own hardware' configurations.

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)


The GovPoint Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) contains the basic building blocks for your cloud IT project. You can access the GovPoint networking features, computers (virtual or on dedicated hardware), and data storage space. IaaS provides you with maximum flexibility and management control over your IT resources.

The GovPoint IaaS service can be used as the foundation and environment for any application that must be within a FedRAMP security boundary.

Compute Types

General Purpose Compute (GPC)

With GPC, you balance processors, RAM, and disk. It meets over 80% of computing requirements and is ideal for most web and database applications. GPC uses a blend of high I/O disks and SSDs. Users can choose between pre-configured and hardened images or customize processors, disk space, and RAM to meet particular needs.


High Demand Compute (HDC)

With HDC, you are assured that your most robust data, transaction, or workload-intensive applications operate flawlessly, regardless of the load. HDC is a high-processor, and high-RAM compute instance coupled with ultra-high-speed flash drives and 10 Gbps network connectivity.


Special Purpose Compute (SPC)

With SPC, you can create your instances from specialty hardware and software and even use your hardware. SPC fills gaps between the standard cloud offerings and dedicated hosting.


VMware on GovPoint

VMware on GCS is an integrated cloud offering that allows agencies to seamlessly migrate and extend their on-premises VMware vSphere-based environments to the GCS Cloud.


GCS Container Service for Kubernetes

GCS Kubernetes Container Service makes it easy to deploy, manage, and scale containerized applications using Kubernetes in the GCS environment


GCS Container Service

The GCS Container Service is a scalable, high-performance container orchestration service that supports Docker containers, allowing you to run and scale containerized applications in the GCS environment. The GCS Container Service eliminates the need to install and operate your container orchestration software.


Platform as a Service (PaaS)


Platform as a Service (PaaS) eliminates the need for your organization to manage the underlying Infrastructure (usually hardware, databases, and operating systems). It allows you to focus on the deployment and management of your application.

The GovPoint PaaS offers operating systems, databases, incident response, development, and messaging systems.

Platform Offerings:


Relational Database Services (GCS-RDS)

GCS Relational Database Services (GCS-RDS) is a self-service, cloud-based service allowing customers to quickly set up, provision, and maintain databases. Supported databases are MS SQL Server, MongoDB, and MySQL. For greater granularity, security, and FedRAMP compliance, MIS personnel work with the client in database deployment, maintenance, and security patching. This relieves the client from these tasks and allows them to focus on their business requirements.

Clients/Agencies are welcome to bring their license for any database product, and MIS works with the client to install and ensure FedRAMP security compliance for their product.


GCS Incident Response (GCS-IR)

GCS Incident Response (GCS-IR) is a self-service, cloud-based incident response service center that makes it easy for any agency to manage incidents. Once configured by the agency, GCS-IR manages your incidents, creates notifications, and provides all required logs and reports from beginning to end.


GCS eAlert

GCS-eAlert is a cloud-based high-speed and high-volume email and SMS sending service designed to send notifications and transactional messages. It is reliable and cost-effective for businesses of all sizes that use email and SMS to keep in contact with their customers. The service is easily managed through a user-friendly web interface.

You can use our SMTP interface or one of the GCS APIs to integrate eAlert directly into your existing applications. You can also integrate the email sending capabilities of GCS eAlert into the software you already use, such as ticketing systems and email clients.

Messaging as a Service Platform

GCS Messaging offers true SMS/MMS messaging for any application need. You can send SMS messages and MMS images using a web interface or API.


Bring Your Own Hardware (BYOH)

Often, a client's Infrastructure will require specialized equipment or appliances that the client can only furnish.

GovPoint Cloud Services permits customer-owned hardware and appliances within the customer's FedRAMP boundary. A private and logically isolated cloud environment is created when customer equipment or appliances are used. This isolated environment is assigned to the customer only and does not share any other FedRAMP tenants' resources.

Private FedRAMP Cloud

If your needs require isolation or dedicated resources, the Private FedRAMP Cloud will meet those needs. With the Private Cloud, you fully control all resources, including firewalls, networking, compute, and storage. Your Private Cloud is isolated from all other tenants and users and is part of the GovPoint FedRAMP Infrastructure.


Desktop Services

GCS Desktops is a fully managed, secure cloud desktop service. It can be used to provision Windows or Linux desktops in just a few minutes and quickly scale to provide thousands of desktops to workers across the globe. GCS Desktops builds on Citrix Desktops and Microsoft Remote Desktop Services. With GCS Desktops, your users get a fast, responsive desktop that they can access anywhere, anytime, from any supported device.

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