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Managed & Dedicated Hosting

Trusted by Leading Enterprises and Government Agencies for Managed  & Dedicated Hosting Services

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Increase agility, lower TCO and improve speed to market with MIS Sciences' Managed Hosting services.  Managed Hosting services are available in 20 metropolitan markets throughout North America, as well as locations in Europe and Asia. MIS can handle extremely complex solutions, including your large scale eCommerce, content management, Big Data, and business application hosting needs.

Your engagement with MIS Sciences doesn’t begin with us prescribing technology to you. Our teams work with you to first understand your goals, objectives, obstacles and measurements for success.  From that, we map those requirements to the technology and platforms that will help you meet and exceed your goals at a reasonable cost and help you show ROI on the investments you make with us.

Colocation Services

FedRAMP Cloud Services

Ultra Secure Managed Hosting

Virtual Dedicated Servers

Data Center Information

Product Details:

  • Gold Hosting - MIS Sciences manages the server and the Operating System (OS)

  • Silver Hosting - MIS Sciences manages the server hardware and the client manages the OS layer

  • Private and Public network connectivity

  • Inter-connected to more than 100 international network carriers providing expansive global reach

Core Hardware Infrastructure:

  • Servers - HP Proliant  36X, 38X, 58X - 1 to 4 sockets and 4-12 cores per socket

  • Storage & SAN - HP, 3PAR

  • Firewall - Cisco, Sonicwall, F5

  • Switching - Cisco, HP, Juniper

Core Application Infrastructure:

  • Web Server - IIS, Apache

  • OS - Windows 2008, Windows 2012, Linux

  • Middleware - WebSphere, Tomcat, WebLogic, Jboss, .NET

  • Database - MS/SQL, MySQL

  • User can chose any available operating system and RDBMS

Web Performance:

  • Application Performance - Monitoring allows for monitoring of app performance within your actual environment

  • End User Experience - Monitoring measures app/web performance from geographically diverse locations

  • Monitoring of colo environment keeps things running smoothly even if we aren’t managing it

Additionally, we have environments that provide a platform to test new applications or simulate massive amounts of traffic to see how your website will hold up – consider it your sandbox to play in.


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